Pelicans on Parade is a public art exhibit decorating the streets of Slidell with 4-foot pelican sculptures hand-painted by over 100 artists.  As a charitable venture, 100% of the proceeds from Pelicans on Parade are given to charity.  Over a dozen local charitable organizations have participated; and net profits of more than $100,000.00 has already been raised and distributed to benefit local children.

The original pelican design was created by Rachael Noto, an LSU art student from Slidell.  Her design outline was sent to artists throughout the area, who sketched their creative ideas.  As reproductions of her design were being made, sponsors began picking from the sketches.  The first squadron of pelicans were hatched just in time for Slidell’s Arts Evening, March 2013, creating an instant demand for painted pelicans.

Pelicans on Parade began as a Leadership Northshore project.  Rather than ending the project when the 2013 Leadership class graduated, the project’s creator/ coordinator has stayed on and continues to run the pelican project with the help of a handful of dedicated volunteers who have spent thousands of hours wrangling and perching pelicans throughout Slidell, redefining the city’s landscape.  But the pelican project could not exist without our brilliantly creative artists or without the dedication and support of our sponsors!  

Pelicans on Parade